Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mexico Online Pharmacy

Online Mexico Pharmacy - Licencia de Farmacia 149302 Est. 1978

Why Order From mexicopharmacy. com

Mexico Pharmacy is a duly and properly licensed pharmacy in the country of Mexico, licensed by the Best Drugs National Health Agency within Mexico. Any concerns contact us for copies of our farmacia and sanitary license.
mexicopharmacy.com is inspected, reviewed by our countries health department several times annualy, we are the online division of Farmacia Mexicana SA. We have been reviewed, confirmed and accepted by several Pharmacy Without Prescription online pharmacy reviewing entities, such as PharmaGuide, PharmacyChecker and Pharmacy Reviewer for our licenses, health certificates and a good business practice seal of approval. Due to revised legislation by FDA, MHRA and other health agencies, pharmacy reviewing The Canadian Pharmacy entities are not allowed to comment positively or negatively either way; and if they do, they are clearly in violation of new health legislation.
Mexico Pharmacy online is secured by a GeoTrust SSL Certificate utilizing 128-bit SSL security offering you a high level of encryption and security; this means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and Drugs Discount MexicanPharmacy's web servers are private and secure. 
Mexico Pharmacy has been supplying quality prescription medicines for over 4 decades since 1978, from our original physical border location and now supplying scripts online since May of 1993. 
We recall in 1992 when contemplating opening an online-pharmacy by a local internet provider (whom had the foresight to see into the future?) we recall being told by pharmacy associations that "No one will buy prescription medicines online"  yet twenty-one (21) years later here we are dispensing on a daily basis. Our medicines are dispensed by licensed pharmacist here in Mexico and Europe, some of these Order Meds Online medicines are even dispensed from American Pharmacies when legally possible. Therefore when you order from us, you eliminate a doctors visit, that lost time and ensure confidentiality, as we follow H.I.P.P.A. rules regarding all privacy matters. Our reviewing physicians are licensed in Mexico, the U.K. and U.S.A. as are the compounding Alchemist and Pharmacists. 
Therefore take a look at our site and place an order, we're here to assist you with prescription medicines and as licensed pharmacies supplying pharmaceuticals and medical devices to clients and clinics we have proven over the years to be reliable. MexicanPharmacy is approved by the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and Health Ministry of Mexico (Dept. de Salud) as an approved pharmaceutical exporter.
Our strength lies in our flexible and efficient approach to procurement of international medicines and their delivery. Our knowledge within this international medicine marketplace allows us to thrive in our efforts in supplying quality pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. Our customer base is the private sector, affiliate pharmacies and non-profit organizational entities which reflect government tenders and bids. 
Our online Mexico Pharmacy dispenses a full line of pharmaceutical products and specializes in procurement, dispensing via fulfillment and export-supply of patented & GMP manufactured generic medicines. We procure medicines from over Medical Board 250 manufacturers SuperDrugSaver & distributors worldwide (specialized-pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals) mainly from the United Kingdom, USA, Latin America, Europe and Euro-Asia.